Implementing The Why

Implementing Axiom Worx web based project tools across an organization creates that essential, yet sometimes elusive, strategic value that gives companies an edge on their competitors. Being able to deliver projects on time, to scope, and within budget often determines the overall success of a company – whether it will get the next job or if its new product will hit the market. Keeping projects on track requires diligent attention to metrics and milestones, extending from the project team and out to suppliers, contractors, and other stakeholders.

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Is Staying Alive Enough



There is no shortage of bad press around the current oil and gas economy. Every day another company releases staff, reduces hours, or cancels projects.  The first cuts seemed to represent a knee-jerk reaction to a sharp decline in commodity prices.  Today however, companies are in a phase of strategic cutting.

It’s like being in a boxing match; eye-to-eye with an outsized, muscle-bound opponent. How can you possibly make it 12 rounds with this behemoth?  In this daunting stage, it is important to take a look at who is in your corner; who is championing you towards success.  It is from your coach that you can become leaner, faster, hit harder and recover quickly to each move made against you.

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Project Control Systems – Are they working or not?



Today many organizations are looking for cost savings systems that alleviate capital projects workflow systems and procedures that are just not working. Many organizations are taking a hard look at their own company standards and re-evaluating the way business is being done with far less.

Over time, well-intended standard procedures implemented by managers and engineers have compound into a costly, administrative nightmare that can quagmire companies in dated practices. If overtime you are not continuously monitoring and re-evaluating the functional, technical, and discipline of those best practices. Those inefficiency end up costing companies valuable resources and time and could cost you further business.

In order to be more competitive and leaner when delivering projects we have to look for better ways to add or complement existing systems by changing operationally.

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Axiom Worx



People have been asking me about Axiom Worx. Over the last 15 years we have develop compelling software which provides control systems used to plan, schedule, budget, and measure the performance of a Project/Program/ Planning and so much more.

This unique platform allows large enterprises to scale large legacy solutions into a common platform. We provide efficient project control systems in the cloud or stand alone for EPC/EPCM projects to mitigate unwarranted cost overruns and delays to improve the efficiency of large projects.

There has been a greater need to share common business intelligence and data, which can take many forms, and is usually in the form of large data sets that is captured but not organized in an efficient matter in which other business units can utilize this information. Over the last 15 plus years Axiom Worx has designed workflow system that allows the enterprise to leverage and mitigate formalities of business transformations and increase the workflow efficiency within a corporate environment.

Typically, formality fuels silos and destroys collaboration within the corporate environment. When formality goes unchecked, it can lead to those business units not sharing data and other vital information which has an overall effect on the company and bottom line. The added burden of having multiple business systems that do not communicate or share the data into a common platforms can easily be perpetuated.

Add the merger and acquisitions on top of the mix means most companies don’t have systems to integrate the data and needs to be pulled manually a daunting and very costly procedure. As you can imagine this becomes an overwhelming task from a business transformation process.

Lack of planning from a project perspective can lead to disaster and can be very costly. If those business units are not included in company planning. It is easy to become distracted and figure that someone else will look after the systems and controls or project manage are less likely to reach across to different business units or commonly become a (silo).

The effect on organizations does not have to be this way. In order to avoid silo syndrome from actually happening, each department or function interacts primarily within that “silo” rather than with other groups across the organization. Silos also commonly extend to systems and data. Most systems fail to interact and data becomes trapped and unavailable to decision-makers outside the silo, people are less likely to interact, when people are culturally inhibited from interacting across departments and functions, they avoid sharing data and information outside of their silos. It’s a vicious cycle, one that can cost an organization in agility, productivity, and responsiveness and bottom line valuable dollars.

As you know every company has an individual or a team of individuals who must act in various project management roles. However, most companies do not provide a toolkit to assist in managing the volumes of data that accompany on-going projects.

For most project/control manager the most important asset is information, but is often coupled with either cumbersome reports, various systems, or third party information. In other words most managers are trying to perform their job with one eye open and the other blind. At Axiom Worx we provide compelling suite of tools to reach within your organization and get the information you need now. Our solutions is modular and allows companies to scale without breaking the bank.I have provided you a link to view our information.