Is Staying Alive Enough



There is no shortage of bad press around the current oil and gas economy. Every day another company releases staff, reduces hours, or cancels projects.  The first cuts seemed to represent a knee-jerk reaction to a sharp decline in commodity prices.  Today however, companies are in a phase of strategic cutting.

It’s like being in a boxing match; eye-to-eye with an outsized, muscle-bound opponent. How can you possibly make it 12 rounds with this behemoth?  In this daunting stage, it is important to take a look at who is in your corner; who is championing you towards success.  It is from your coach that you can become leaner, faster, hit harder and recover quickly to each move made against you.

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Project Control Systems – Are they working or not?



Today many organizations are looking for cost savings systems that alleviate capital projects workflow systems and procedures that are just not working. Many organizations are taking a hard look at their own company standards and re-evaluating the way business is being done with far less.

Over time, well-intended standard procedures implemented by managers and engineers have compound into a costly, administrative nightmare that can quagmire companies in dated practices. If overtime you are not continuously monitoring and re-evaluating the functional, technical, and discipline of those best practices. Those inefficiency end up costing companies valuable resources and time and could cost you further business.

In order to be more competitive and leaner when delivering projects we have to look for better ways to add or complement existing systems by changing operationally.

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