Project Control Systems – Are they working or not?



Today many organizations are looking for cost savings systems that alleviate capital projects workflow systems and procedures that are just not working. Many organizations are taking a hard look at their own company standards and re-evaluating the way business is being done with far less.

Over time, well-intended standard procedures implemented by managers and engineers have compound into a costly, administrative nightmare that can quagmire companies in dated practices. If overtime you are not continuously monitoring and re-evaluating the functional, technical, and discipline of those best practices. Those inefficiency end up costing companies valuable resources and time and could cost you further business.

In order to be more competitive and leaner when delivering projects we have to look for better ways to add or complement existing systems by changing operationally.

The First step is recognizing theirs a problem and take the necessary action!!

  • Ask yourself are you projects always over budget
  • Are you behind schedule?
  • Do you have unproven technology that not delivering the necessary results
  • Are you in a Merger Acquisition mode –inheriting old legacy systems
  • Are the people properly trained on systems and certified

If you clearly understand what’s working and what’s not that’s great! For those that do not fall into that category bringing in a professional company that can help assist with you current systems and identify those existing disparate systems is a great place to start. Look it’s all about time and money and providing what’s best for your client (s)


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