Axiom Worx – Time Sheet Module- Feedback


Athena Adams-Operations Manager

Eclipse Regulatory Compliance Specialists Ltd.

Axiom Worx – Timesheet Module ACCURATE – RELIABLE –QUICK – BETTER! Our business is consulting, and time is money. Our work flow is based on a detailed Man Hour Estimate, with line items that are precise to 0.25 of an hour. My first experience with Axiom Worx was using the timesheet module. I should explain first that my impression of the timesheet module was informed, in part, by contrast to other timesheet tracking systems that I have used in the past. Axiom is more intuitive, loads quicker, saves in real time and provides a quick an efficient means of making comments pertaining to the deliverable being charged to. When we migrated to Axiom, as always, some of our staff were less than pleased to have to learn a new system, however, once Axiom was implemented, everyone was impressed by how much less time it took to track their time, and found the system itself exceptionally easy to use. Other timesheet systems can crash when too many deliverables are loaded, other timesheet systems can lose information mid-way through, and you have to start all over again. There was another unanticipated benefit to migrating to this superior system; whereas prior to Axiom our staff would track their time weekly, setting aside a half hour or more to load the data into the system, now they track time daily, sometimes multiple times a day, because the system is so quick and easy. This has led to greater accuracy of time tracking and no longer are staff late with timesheet submission due to lags or overloads to the previous system.