AxiomWorx Prescription (Px) Procurement



The (Px) Procurement Module from AxiomWorx tracks each step of the engagement process. The ability of a supplier to fulfill the contractual obligations set from the awarding of a purchase requisition to the final delivery of the product is tracked and measured.


Supplier Management-Axiom allows you  to track each step of the engagement process. We believe that supplier evaluation should be based on empirical data. Great service and delivery should be rewarded with repeat business.

  • Create your Supplier/Vendor Add your supplier contacts
  • Decide upon access rights for your supplier contacts.
  • Successful contract management provides a service evaluation grade


Bid TemplatesYour procurement process will have a high degree of repeatable activities. A number of these repeatable steps often occur in the process of evaluation. The criteria around ordering a widget will have some very consistent requirements. Such As:

  • You many do you have in stock?
  • What will you need to order?
  • When can you ship it?
  • What date can you promise for delivery?


Request for Quotation (RFQ) – The RFQ module in Axiom provides the procurement agents the ability to capture not only the technical information for review but also the commercial terms as well. The data is linked to the estimated budget deliverables at this early stage. It is this integration that initiates the supplier evaluation at the close of a project.


Purchase orders (PO) – The process of creating a PO is similar to the RFQ if you chose to sole source rather than tender. Adding budget lines and providing the Technical detail. However once committed in the system the purchase order can have progress payments made as well. The progress on all procurement actions is available to the project immediately. Other aspects of the system will immediately begin to make use of the data available. Cost Reports, Audits, earned value, vendor document control.


Progress Payments-Once approved the process of tracking, collecting and making payments can begin in Axiom. The degree of control depends on the assertions made at the project level. Not all projects require the same degree of control, however it can be applied or removed easily by the controls team. If cost controlled then procurement looks for all steps to be vetted. This includes payments! Payment (Invoice Approval) is enforced by the system. All payments become available on cost reports, procurement summaries, commitment reports, etc.


Expediting-Expediting commences immediately on the approval of a purchase order agreement. The expediter is responsible for determining the whereabouts of any record at any time.

  • What stage of fabrication is it at
  • Has it been shipped?
  • Where is it?
  • Quantity and the current condition of the items are accessed


Expediting is the piece of the puzzle that applies to a large degree how much of the order can be claimed for earned value calculations, or payments to be released based on the realization of where this contract is in its life cycle. Client storage can also be facilitated via the expediting module.


Inventory-Inventory management in Axiom is more aligned with the project life cycle.

Projects are a temporary process, however some projects are multiyear endeavors. As a result it suggests that some requisitions may be stored in a varying range of storage locations prior to being utilized. Axiom provides a quick way to determine where these items have been temporarily stashed by virtue of the expediting module


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