Superior Cost Management for all Capital Projects



How you start your project today greatly influences how you complete it tomorrow. The important tasks of budgeting, planning, forecasting and finally controlling your project can shape your outcome.  Technology can help—offering a solution for cost management

Consider AxiomWorx™ (Enterprise Planning & Controls), based in Calgary, Alberta. AxiomWorx™ is a Web-based project controls software platform. The AxiomWorx tools addresses many of the crucial challenges that major projects faces with regards to budgeting, planning, forecasting, and managing projects.

AxiomWorx™ platform is designed to standardize best practices—from budgeting and planning, to cost forecasting and project performance management—across the entire enterprise. This means organizations are able to analyze project and program costs faster and improve predictability, as it promotes greater visibility and efficiency through an Excel-like interface. The new V4 platform includes 6 modules which are all tied together to form the AxiomWorx platform.


WX- Worx Foundation


FX- Financials


DX- Document Control

Rx-Risk Management

By using AxiomWorx™ for all your capital projects, companies have the opportunity to improve project effectiveness—and ultimately project costs. And isn’t that the goal of every capital project? Call us today or email us at: or call us direct at 1-587-390-0010