Why Change is important for New Process and for Project Profitability


Most people dislike change and as uncomfortable as it may be. At some given point we are forced to conform or change in order to keep up to the rest of the industry/society/world in order to stay leading edge and competitive. Taking the best practices and lesson learned, often lead to organizational change and success. However, forcing unnecessary organizational change when dealing with the present circumstances of the existing culture- can significantly impede or even prevent the necessary improvement in change of an organization for the better.

Our observation has been that people and companies have just become complacent in their present state of how their workflow people and business units function. One of the underlying reasons why many organizations/ people have become resistant to change.  They like the way the process is and see no need to change or to improve.


I refer to kaizen at this point: the definition is; – a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency.


By having the right project systems and the right people trained, you can allow for a single methodology or process that could be applied to each and every project. Proper integration of existing systems into a single system which will allow for smooth data gathering points, management and analytical processes used to predict outcomes on a particular projects.

The key to delivery is people, proper knowledge transfer, processes and the right tools used to plan, manage and mitigate cost and schedule issues and any risk events that may impact a project no matter what the size of an organization is. This in turn can actually lead to a more profitable way of delivering projects.



Axiom Worx and Client Engagement

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AxiomWorx™ has earned over the years to be the trusted advisors to so many of our customers. Our core strength comes from listening and evolving our business processes to what our clients’ needs are or requires.  The end result has been successful delivery of thousands and thousands of projects being delivered on time and on budget by using the AxiomWorx suite.

We have continued to invest and spend on the necessary research and development to perfect our solution. By working alongside with each of our clients we have been able to be more collaborative with our client’s goals. We do this by being totally transparent understanding the current business process.  AxiomWorx™ employees tried and tested and proven methodologies that not only work but deliver the first time at the right time and assist clients with a much more efficient project delivery.


The end result has been:

  • A more effective business processes by streamlining and sharing existing processes, reducing redundancy in data support of efficiently achieving business goals.
  • Improved service delivery and automating workflows to build a stronger and more responsive business infrastructure.
  • Reduction in operational costs and increase in revenues through a detailed analysis and adoption of more efficient and strategic approaches to Risk, Procurement, Financials, Document controls and much more.


Each AxiomWorx™ tool and method of delivery can be ultimately integrated and woven into a comprehensive management solution to deliver the best project outcomes. We ensure that a proper knowledge transferred takes place throughout the whole initiative, giving you one solution with all the control.

Why AxiomWorx



AxiomWorx provides Manage projects, procurement, documents, and finances all in one place and all at the same time. AxiomWorx offers transparent, in-depth views of your project portfolios.  In one integrated system. Now you can be in control of your projects from initiation through to execution and closure.

Our project solution is the backbone for many business to better manage projects including all elements of:  a project, deliverables, clients, disciplines, resources, task assignments, timesheets, dashboards and reports.  Manipulate your project’s work breakdown structure (WSB), Earned Value, historical reports and schedules. AxiomWorx project financials incorporates payroll, expenses, project rate indexes, discounts and invoicing.  All of which feed back into project reports displaying financial budgetary progression. Our document management module contains project documents, transmittals and corporate documents.  Project documents are linked to project deliverables, providing tangible evidence of project progression and completion.

Utilize the Purchase Order feature and know your outstanding capital balance immediately across all project reports by tying what you buy to what deliverables you produce. Manage your costs and track progress payments with ease.

Our solution easily scales to straightforward or complex projects in small or large organizations.  AxiomWorx is also committed to further development with plans to build additional modules, such as Estimation, helping you deliver on time and under budget call for a demo or to learn more.

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