Why AxiomWorx



AxiomWorx provides Manage projects, procurement, documents, and finances all in one place and all at the same time. AxiomWorx offers transparent, in-depth views of your project portfolios.  In one integrated system. Now you can be in control of your projects from initiation through to execution and closure.

Our project solution is the backbone for many business to better manage projects including all elements of:  a project, deliverables, clients, disciplines, resources, task assignments, timesheets, dashboards and reports.  Manipulate your project’s work breakdown structure (WSB), Earned Value, historical reports and schedules. AxiomWorx project financials incorporates payroll, expenses, project rate indexes, discounts and invoicing.  All of which feed back into project reports displaying financial budgetary progression. Our document management module contains project documents, transmittals and corporate documents.  Project documents are linked to project deliverables, providing tangible evidence of project progression and completion.

Utilize the Purchase Order feature and know your outstanding capital balance immediately across all project reports by tying what you buy to what deliverables you produce. Manage your costs and track progress payments with ease.

Our solution easily scales to straightforward or complex projects in small or large organizations.  AxiomWorx is also committed to further development with plans to build additional modules, such as Estimation, helping you deliver on time and under budget call for a demo or to learn more.

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