AxiomWorx Prescription (Px) Procurement



The (Px) Procurement Module from AxiomWorx tracks each step of the engagement process. The ability of a supplier to fulfill the contractual obligations set from the awarding of a purchase requisition to the final delivery of the product is tracked and measured.


Supplier Management-Axiom allows you  to track each step of the engagement process. We believe that supplier evaluation should be based on empirical data. Great service and delivery should be rewarded with repeat business.

  • Create your Supplier/Vendor Add your supplier contacts
  • Decide upon access rights for your supplier contacts.
  • Successful contract management provides a service evaluation grade


Bid TemplatesYour procurement process will have a high degree of repeatable activities. A number of these repeatable steps often occur in the process of evaluation. The criteria around ordering a widget will have some very consistent requirements. Such As:

  • You many do you have in stock?
  • What will you need to order?
  • When can you ship it?
  • What date can you promise for delivery?


Request for Quotation (RFQ) – The RFQ module in Axiom provides the procurement agents the ability to capture not only the technical information for review but also the commercial terms as well. The data is linked to the estimated budget deliverables at this early stage. It is this integration that initiates the supplier evaluation at the close of a project.


Purchase orders (PO) – The process of creating a PO is similar to the RFQ if you chose to sole source rather than tender. Adding budget lines and providing the Technical detail. However once committed in the system the purchase order can have progress payments made as well. The progress on all procurement actions is available to the project immediately. Other aspects of the system will immediately begin to make use of the data available. Cost Reports, Audits, earned value, vendor document control.


Progress Payments-Once approved the process of tracking, collecting and making payments can begin in Axiom. The degree of control depends on the assertions made at the project level. Not all projects require the same degree of control, however it can be applied or removed easily by the controls team. If cost controlled then procurement looks for all steps to be vetted. This includes payments! Payment (Invoice Approval) is enforced by the system. All payments become available on cost reports, procurement summaries, commitment reports, etc.


Expediting-Expediting commences immediately on the approval of a purchase order agreement. The expediter is responsible for determining the whereabouts of any record at any time.

  • What stage of fabrication is it at
  • Has it been shipped?
  • Where is it?
  • Quantity and the current condition of the items are accessed


Expediting is the piece of the puzzle that applies to a large degree how much of the order can be claimed for earned value calculations, or payments to be released based on the realization of where this contract is in its life cycle. Client storage can also be facilitated via the expediting module.


Inventory-Inventory management in Axiom is more aligned with the project life cycle.

Projects are a temporary process, however some projects are multiyear endeavors. As a result it suggests that some requisitions may be stored in a varying range of storage locations prior to being utilized. Axiom provides a quick way to determine where these items have been temporarily stashed by virtue of the expediting module


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BSG Fabrication

BSG Fabrication- Testimonial

“What would normally take me about 1 day to get a Cost Estimate completed but with AxiomWorx I have been able to get my estimates completed within 2 hours.”. Once you have established suppliers and vendors in AxiomWorx, all you need to do is mine the information for the estimate. All your purchase orders, requisitions, expediting and financials are maintained in a user friendly environment that improves efficiency.

Shane Leduc

Vice President

BSG Fabrication


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Axiom Worx will be part of the attendance at the  Annual AACE- in Toronto – AxiomWorx  would like to invite all companies that will be attending to stop by and learn more about AxiomWorx  solutions we are in booth 621. You can also email us to schedule some time to meet us:


One Solution All the Control-Choose AxiomWorx™







One Solution All the Control-Choose AxiomWorx™

Effective project automation system today, need to be in place for the successful project performance and delivery of all projects. It is essential that all disciplines, planning, cost engineering, estimating, change management and risk collaborate successfully and best project practices in place to achieve project objectives or outcomes to keep projects on time and on budget.

Axiom Worx – Time Sheet Module- Feedback


Athena Adams-Operations Manager

Eclipse Regulatory Compliance Specialists Ltd.

Axiom Worx – Timesheet Module ACCURATE – RELIABLE –QUICK – BETTER! Our business is consulting, and time is money. Our work flow is based on a detailed Man Hour Estimate, with line items that are precise to 0.25 of an hour. My first experience with Axiom Worx was using the timesheet module. I should explain first that my impression of the timesheet module was informed, in part, by contrast to other timesheet tracking systems that I have used in the past. Axiom is more intuitive, loads quicker, saves in real time and provides a quick an efficient means of making comments pertaining to the deliverable being charged to. When we migrated to Axiom, as always, some of our staff were less than pleased to have to learn a new system, however, once Axiom was implemented, everyone was impressed by how much less time it took to track their time, and found the system itself exceptionally easy to use. Other timesheet systems can crash when too many deliverables are loaded, other timesheet systems can lose information mid-way through, and you have to start all over again. There was another unanticipated benefit to migrating to this superior system; whereas prior to Axiom our staff would track their time weekly, setting aside a half hour or more to load the data into the system, now they track time daily, sometimes multiple times a day, because the system is so quick and easy. This has led to greater accuracy of time tracking and no longer are staff late with timesheet submission due to lags or overloads to the previous system.

Maintain Your Competitive Advantage


In order to gain and maintain a global competitive advantage, today’s businesses need to provide better services that cost less. One of the most essential skills to develop as a business or various business units in an organization is becoming an expert(s) at managing workflow.

This should include efficient time management, while having the ability to prioritize, appropriate delegation, and to drive better ways of constantly improving ways of operating. For all capital projects this is really no different, this means employing both project management tools and provide a procedural framework to deliver greater value at to remain competitive.

At the end of the day, all the business units are service-providers for one another. But in order to gain and maintain a global competitive advantage, businesses need to provide better services that cost less. In a technologically complex world, this means employing the right tools

Axiom Worx ™ provides:

  • A goal-oriented support system for projects and tasks
  • A security network that enables people to collaborate across organizational corporate boundaries, while retaining confidentiality
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) providing team members with access to specific tasks, documents, and authorizations
  • Collaboration tools to promote teamwork within the project/task infrastructure
  • Document management allowing multiple users to coordinate tasks and workflow
  • Financial
  • Procurement
  • Risk



A good project management software provides the framework, processes, guidelines and techniques to manage the people and the work. A good methodology increases the odds of being successful and therefore provides value to the organization, project and the project team.

Clear Workflow Process






Axiom Workflow- Solution


Axiom Worx™ Provides a clear workflow process for all projects! Axiom Worx™ captures all information through different modules to ensure that all pertinent details like: how much it will cost, why it is necessary, the impact on the overall project – are all known before any change is approved. The Axiom Worx™ solution is extremely effective for auditing performance during and after project completion.

Axiom Worx Update


Keeping projects on track on time and budget -requires diligent attention to project metrics and other milestones, extending from the project team right down to suppliers, contractors, and other stakeholders.

Axiom Worx provides the heavy lifting of gathering day to day project activity and filters that data through key performance indicators resulting in up-to-the-minute progress details at the project manager’s fingertips.


Learn more at:

Axiom Worx -We will be attending AACE International’s 2016 Annual Meeting in Toronto, at the Sheraton Centre. Drop by booth 621 Email:

Gain a New Perspective

Today it’s no longer sufficient to manage individual projects in isolation from various business units within a given organization. Currently, project need(s) – to be shared and controlled by an integrated business approach. This approach should allow organization to view risk and rewards associated at all levels and departments associated with any given project.


At Axiom Worx we know project solutions. We have over 15 years of proven methods and experience developing tools that reduce complexity and increase productivity at all levels of the organization. But in order for an organization to become effective, this does requires a culture of collaboration with clearly measurable outcomes.


Many of our clients are leading this change by enabling the use of Axiom Worx platform which will help reduce complexity out of disparate legacy business process and systems. If you rally behind the concept of transparency within an organization, you will be able to increase your organizational flexibility and adaptability to redesign processes, partnerships, and workflows as a competitive advantage.



Axiom Worx™ Tools consist of the following features:

Worx Foundations

The (Wx) foundation is not optional. This is the essential building block of Axiom. This feature captures all the required parts to build your organization.

Deliverables, Disciplines, Resources, Rate Schedules, Projects, Deliverable Assignments, Time management and basic system workflows.

You cannot perform any action without the ability to create a project. All other modules will draw upon the information that identifies your project.



Leverage your history with the advanced tools. The estimation module, change notice management, portfolio management, Project cloning, Project defaults, redistribution of deliverables are all part of the advanced suite.  Rules of Credit can be built to apply to specific projects or the company as a whole.

Archiving your project history, sharing your project with external users, collaboration and cross domain billings are other aspects to the advanced suite.



Create invoices to capture your professional services, expenses and any reimbursable capital purchase. Manage your taxation requirements. Apply discounts across the board, or to specific clients and/or projects. Create new disbursement rules to apply across your company. Set the level of visibility in an invoice to be as granular or as aggregated as you see fit. Make sure your users are approving not only time but expenses and invoices prior to leaving your office.



If you are required to track the progress of capital to your project then flip this switch. If the advanced module is active then your procurement stream begins there. Export or create new request for quotes from the system. Create your bid list. Evaluate the responses. Award the contract. Follow this through to a purchase order and subsequently progress payments, expediting and project inventory. Review your MSRQ, MSRP summaries. Evaluate your suppliers based upon the most current expediting report. Review your OS&D reports to ensure a satisfactory product


Risk Management

Do you have a series of steps that should occur on a project? Do you need them audited to ensure your project is protected? Risk Management tracks the day to day comments around the project. Helps to identify these as a risk or a concern. Determine the level of risk associated with each communication. The system communicates risk to the end users by virtue of the interface messaging, risk dashboards, and email communication.



Axiom Worx- brings the whole project solution together by mitigating silos or empire building within the company infrastructure to ensure that organization are delivering on time and on budget immediately. We all know the essentials of project controls include tracking time and cost, while ranking prioritization, handling of contingencies that occur during project implementation, tracking key project milestones to ensure the project remains on track, on budget and on time, while managing outside resources involved in a project.



Are you really in control?

titanicSuccessful and growing companies use every tool to wring value out of their resources. A cohesive system that can deliver demand or activity signals quickly and consolidate timely and actionable data is the difference between being in control of your operation or living a world of reporting and reacting. In a fast-food society served by instant Google gratification, an overwhelming number of providers describe their offerings as project management, project delivery, or time-management tools. What lies under the covers is often only a portion of the required solution: perhaps simple project tasks or basic time-entry and often enforcing silos of data and operation.

In order to control your projects rather than react to them, you need both timely access to information in an actionable form and levers of power so that you are able to influence, steer, regulate or influence our projects. AxiomWorx integrates management and interaction of Professional services, Procurement, Document Control, Scheduling, Billing, Time-Entry, Reporting and more into a single solution. Signals move quickly to the correct role so that action can be taken. What might be problematic silos of data in other systems becomes an integrated whole within AxiomWorx. Let us help you gain control of your projects; full steam ahead and avoid the icebergs!