Run all your Projects in one system by using AxiomWorx Project Management Platform. Start immediately seeing results and efficiency of project delivery by upwards to 30- 80% on your current project delivery systems. Most of our clients start to see a compelling return on investment within the very first month of project delivery while reducing FTE headcount. The value of good project management is that you have standard(s) and processes in place to deal with impact factors.

The AxiomWorx platform provides compelling project management process. By allowing real time data you see more discerning information quickly. This allows executives and project management personal to better manage timely decisions, and provide less exposure to negative outcomes. The end results are quicker higher margins- while maintaining immediate ROI on their project delivery and efficiency.


Here is what some of our clients have experienced in outcomes:


  • Improved workflow environment
  • Projects are now completed more quickly and are much more cost effective
  • More focus on metrics and fact-based decision
  • Stopping “bad” projects more quickly
  • Improved financial management
  • Building a higher quality project, the first time
  • Resolving problems more quickly
  • Saving effort and cost with proactive scope management
  • Better solution “fit” the first time through better planning
  • Being more predictable
  • Standards based
  • Easily integrated to other systems
  • Very compelling training and knowledge transfer



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AxiomWorx Delivers results the first time every time


AxiomWorx provides companies, organizations, people a better way to manage all large or small projects efficiently. With today’s current economic volatility of market conditions, in order to stay competitive and deliver successful project outcomes. Having, the right project system in place with the right people properly trained. AxiomWorx can help you deliver a single methodology or process that can be applied to each and every project deliverable which will save your organization time and money.


The AxiomWorx™ platform allows for flexibility by allowing organizations not to silo existing data, which may be on desktops or not shared with other stake holder related to particular projects. Having a system like AxiomWorx™ in place allows all information to be polled daily and pulled and pushed into one common project database related to that project- this allows management and related stakeholder and or groups to view where the project is at any given time.

The AxiomWorx™ platform consist of the following modules:


Project Controls



Document Control

Time Tracking

Billing Invoicing

And so much more……



AxiomWorx™ allows for complete integration of existing systems into a single tool which will allow for smooth data gathering points. Now you can capture all data- related to projects and use the analytical processes to predict outcomes on a particular projects.


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Why Change is important for New Process and for Project Profitability


Most people dislike change and as uncomfortable as it may be. At some given point we are forced to conform or change in order to keep up to the rest of the industry/society/world in order to stay leading edge and competitive. Taking the best practices and lesson learned, often lead to organizational change and success. However, forcing unnecessary organizational change when dealing with the present circumstances of the existing culture- can significantly impede or even prevent the necessary improvement in change of an organization for the better.

Our observation has been that people and companies have just become complacent in their present state of how their workflow people and business units function. One of the underlying reasons why many organizations/ people have become resistant to change.  They like the way the process is and see no need to change or to improve.


I refer to kaizen at this point: the definition is; – a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency.


By having the right project systems and the right people trained, you can allow for a single methodology or process that could be applied to each and every project. Proper integration of existing systems into a single system which will allow for smooth data gathering points, management and analytical processes used to predict outcomes on a particular projects.

The key to delivery is people, proper knowledge transfer, processes and the right tools used to plan, manage and mitigate cost and schedule issues and any risk events that may impact a project no matter what the size of an organization is. This in turn can actually lead to a more profitable way of delivering projects.

Axiom Worx and Client Engagement

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AxiomWorx™ has earned over the years to be the trusted advisors to so many of our customers. Our core strength comes from listening and evolving our business processes to what our clients’ needs are or requires.  The end result has been successful delivery of thousands and thousands of projects being delivered on time and on budget by using the AxiomWorx suite.

We have continued to invest and spend on the necessary research and development to perfect our solution. By working alongside with each of our clients we have been able to be more collaborative with our client’s goals. We do this by being totally transparent understanding the current business process.  AxiomWorx™ employees tried and tested and proven methodologies that not only work but deliver the first time at the right time and assist clients with a much more efficient project delivery.


The end result has been:

  • A more effective business processes by streamlining and sharing existing processes, reducing redundancy in data support of efficiently achieving business goals.
  • Improved service delivery and automating workflows to build a stronger and more responsive business infrastructure.
  • Reduction in operational costs and increase in revenues through a detailed analysis and adoption of more efficient and strategic approaches to Risk, Procurement, Financials, Document controls and much more.


Each AxiomWorx™ tool and method of delivery can be ultimately integrated and woven into a comprehensive management solution to deliver the best project outcomes. We ensure that a proper knowledge transferred takes place throughout the whole initiative, giving you one solution with all the control.

Why AxiomWorx



AxiomWorx provides Manage projects, procurement, documents, and finances all in one place and all at the same time. AxiomWorx offers transparent, in-depth views of your project portfolios.  In one integrated system. Now you can be in control of your projects from initiation through to execution and closure.

Our project solution is the backbone for many business to better manage projects including all elements of:  a project, deliverables, clients, disciplines, resources, task assignments, timesheets, dashboards and reports.  Manipulate your project’s work breakdown structure (WSB), Earned Value, historical reports and schedules. AxiomWorx project financials incorporates payroll, expenses, project rate indexes, discounts and invoicing.  All of which feed back into project reports displaying financial budgetary progression. Our document management module contains project documents, transmittals and corporate documents.  Project documents are linked to project deliverables, providing tangible evidence of project progression and completion.

Utilize the Purchase Order feature and know your outstanding capital balance immediately across all project reports by tying what you buy to what deliverables you produce. Manage your costs and track progress payments with ease.

Our solution easily scales to straightforward or complex projects in small or large organizations.  AxiomWorx is also committed to further development with plans to build additional modules, such as Estimation, helping you deliver on time and under budget call for a demo or to learn more.

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AxiomWorx PMO Service



AxiomWorx is a leader in PMO for all project types and have a long history of successful project outcomes.  Our key strengths are our people who have the acquired skills and expertise to help organizations evaluate major gaps in project problems. We do this by working with all related projects groups by analyzing and assessing current workflow by providing (ACE) Axiom Certified Expert. ACE experts share a common goal of looking at your current project workflow environment(s) and make the necessary recommendations to help you with proper systems that effectively support business process objectives.

In order to ensure that cost-effective, quality systems are developed which address many organization’s business needs, ACE experts employ a system development Process Model to direct the project’s life cycle. These activities performed by ACE experts include the following System conceptualization:


  • System requirements and benefits analysis
  • Project adoption and project scoping
  • System design
  • Gap Analysis
  • Architectural design
  • Detailed design

Our PMO services are highly complementary to all activities of capital projects and can be customized in close collaboration for any companies seeking professional services and or systems.

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Does your business experience any of the following?


  • Project disciplines don’t communicate well regarding project objectives.
  • Your business does not have the transparency of data (historical, current and future) to evaluate cost margins.
  • When required to provide the full complement of data to support a cost report, invoice, expediting summary your teams are overwhelmed by the collection and veracity of the data.
  • You complete “Successful” projects yet are not experiencing repeat business. The business is struggling to grow.




Projects by their nature require a plan to execute and progress against. The historical challenge for management is finding a mechanism to allow that each unique group complete their deliverable objectives their way, yet conform to the project structure. If a clear and simple process is not defined to each discipline involved when a project is opened, the disciplines will create their own. This simple initiative alone makes it almost impossible to correctly report the health of your project. AxiomWorx provides highly intuitive modules that accommodates the traditionally segmented disciplines unique requirements, all the while enforcing a strict adherence to the project work/cost break down. Projects are a living contract between your client and your business. As such it is imperative that the project is the single and only measurement of success. AxiomWorx provides that assurance to project controls, management and business owners that risk is mitigated by a singular clear message.



Each project is new, yet it should not necessarily be a new process. The objective of any business is to hone skills to a fine edge. While being experts in your field of work, experience is just as valuable as an asset. Our solution captures the history of deliverables, projects, programs and qualitative lessons learned each day that can be reviewed regardless of resource turnover. This eliminates a great deal of risk that occurs through “empire building” as new resources can leverage the system like any other.

Your business can take on a great deal more projects without needing to hire additional resources. Staff become incredibly efficient at managing high volume requests and requirements without impacting delivery or the quality of projects. Axiom removes the pain of reorganizing data in spreadsheets that are prone to incorrect alignment to project costs.



It is important to know that whatever you report on to a client, financer, business partner, etc. will be challenged at some point to prove the veracity of the data. Every invoice, project summary, document history sent can be supported by the tens, hundreds, thousands or millions of records within seconds. We at Axiom believe that data is the most valuable commodity that a business possesses. In addition to the high availability data available to users through the front end we provide the same transparency to the database to all clients. This means that your teams can build queries specific to your business requirements without having to involve us directly. AxiomWorx highlights organizational risk in addition to project risk. Succession planning is crucial to any business and highlighting voids within the organization can prevent critical business risk. When looking to win new projects this transparency equips your business with the forehand knowledge to address the deficiency



When you can do more with less, your company is well positioned to provide a competitive edge. Our solution provides the tools required to do more work with fewer resources. While controlling your overhead costs you can narrow your proposals down to the absolute required technical resources and create a very compelling price structure; providing your corporation with a healthy margin. A reputation of consistent project success and the ability to guarantee the application of lessons learned enriches client confidence and loyalty. Knowing your history allows you to avoid the same pitfalls that plagued you in the past. Operating a business brings a constant challenge to best your competitors, while being besought by internal processes that can undermine your success. With AxiomWorx you can reflect and identify continuous process improvements. Positioning your corporation to deliver quickly, respond to emerging requirements, and adapt to changes in market conditions.


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Improve Your Project Performance



Project and portfolio management tools are designed to create process for project management and strategically define a system for resource optimization. By using AxiomWorx™- this solution will allow organizations to be better equipped to execute on their initiatives, achieve desired results and ultimately drive more value for their organizations. However, a staggering 55% do not have proper portfolio management tool(s) in place today. Tool adoption creates challenges for organizations by creating a gap for measuring, monitoring, and having a system of accountability.


AxiomWorx is a leading provider of Cloud Portfolio Management solutions, and provides a seamless way to manage projects, resources and applications across the enterprise. Axiom Worx solves the challenge of visibility and tracking the portfolio of all projects and product development projects. The solution aligns effort and budgets to meet company goals, while enabling prioritization and agility for planning resource capacity. The result is a standardization of work execution across silos of project management teams. Email us today to speak with one of our specialist

Superior Cost Management for all Capital Projects



How you start your project today greatly influences how you complete it tomorrow. The important tasks of budgeting, planning, forecasting and finally controlling your project can shape your outcome.  Technology can help—offering a solution for cost management

Consider AxiomWorx™ (Enterprise Planning & Controls), based in Calgary, Alberta. AxiomWorx™ is a Web-based project controls software platform. The AxiomWorx tools addresses many of the crucial challenges that major projects faces with regards to budgeting, planning, forecasting, and managing projects.

AxiomWorx™ platform is designed to standardize best practices—from budgeting and planning, to cost forecasting and project performance management—across the entire enterprise. This means organizations are able to analyze project and program costs faster and improve predictability, as it promotes greater visibility and efficiency through an Excel-like interface. The new V4 platform includes 6 modules which are all tied together to form the AxiomWorx platform.


WX- Worx Foundation


FX- Financials


DX- Document Control

Rx-Risk Management

By using AxiomWorx™ for all your capital projects, companies have the opportunity to improve project effectiveness—and ultimately project costs. And isn’t that the goal of every capital project? Call us today or email us at: or call us direct at 1-587-390-0010