Domains, Deliverables, Disciplines, Clients, and Resources

Does your current software mirror you organization?

Domain management with organizations today can be tricky when dealing with multiple legal entities operating under a singular umbrella. Within Axiom you can facilitate the unique characteristics of each business while still providing a consistent method for the delivery of your projects. New business deals can be awarded to one business entity with the foreknowledge that it will require bench strength, cost advantage, or even their geographical location in order to successfully execute. This means that there must be an overarching solution to provide this collaborative process to occur. The AxiomWorx solution offers the ability for multiple business units to leverage all the elements of a project within one system in real time. Billings between the unique entities is handled by the solution within the normal invoicing cycle.

Deliverables can be unique to each business, yet each business will have one. Even the most simplistic process can be defined by a deliverable based system.  Within Axiom we leverage your consistent deliverable system to build project history and apply lessons learned. The vocabulary used within the application is your internal business language. There should not be a need to learn a new method of speaking when implementing software. We believe that your success is largely built upon the language used within your business. The Axiom solution provides you with a structure to build your project history and harness the lessons learned.

Disciplines come by many names. Some companies refer to these as departments, business units, or a litany of other names. From the perspective of Axiom they are an object to which resources can be assigned. These disciplines can be assigned unique group rights that are inherited by the resources within. Project budgets are built around the unique contribution that a discipline plays for each project deliverable. This process sets the foundation for how this project will be measured and how progress is earned.

To continue to grow we need to be able to build upon our relationships with our client and the various contacts that represent their needs. Within the solution you will monitor the growth of your business per client, the success of each project and forecast the continuation of work that should be expected. The system provides you with the control to grant access to any or all of your clients on a per project basis. Build preferred rate schedules to reward your top supporters based upon your historical and forecast engagements.

 Resource management is critical to your success. Whether you are tracking human resources, equipment or other assets it is important to have the ability to assign budget to any type of resource. Project success is built upon the wealth of your internally accessible resources. Within Axiom you can assign resources to specific domains, disciplines and billings. Build project teams, assign project discipline leads and plan your project with the full depth of your resource inventory.