Project Documentation
Projects are the core of your business and the backbone of AxiomWorx

Access documents anytime, anywhere on any mobile or tablet device. Perfect for field site visits.

Documents are linked to project deliverables, providing tangible evidence of project progression and completion.

Publish corporate standards, forms, or guidelines to all system accounts.


Project Documents
Do your documents contribute to your earned progress? Ours do. Create, store, and revise project documentation. Share these with project team members and external stakeholder accounts.

People working together for a common goal need to collaborate on the same data. Transmittals will distribute files among all project stakeholders, notifying statuses and actions taken or expected. Transmittals provide the invitation for clients, suppliers, field workers to gain access to the necessary information to complete their tasks.

Bulk Uploads
For projects with a large set of preliminary documents, create or update multiple document placeholders with the appropriate meta data efficiently. Attach files to the placeholders just as quickly.

Corporate Documents
Often corporate standards or standard operating procedures are created in Microsoft word, or excel file and published to a file directory system. Many times these S&OP's become lost due to the difficulty in navigating a file system, or insufficient privilege to view specific folders, or they become forgotten altogether. AxiomWorx Corporate documents (C-Doc) provides a singular simplistic approach to sharing your policies throughout your company.