Project Proposals

Estimating a project can be daunting, with high expectations to find that mystical number from upper management. Coming soon to AxiomWorx 4.0 are powerful tools to arrive at cost, timelines and level of effort. Evaluate using historical project statistics, complexity factors, and more. Allow each department to collaborate towards the final, accurate, estimate.


Project Cloning

Consistent, repeatable projects can be created in a flash by cloning another similar project and beginning execution within seconds.


Whatever your favorite estimating technique, use them all on a single estimate with AxiomWorx. Extrapolate from historical project statistics, apply complexity factors, units of effort, and more. Each discipline can also weigh in to narrow the gap between a realistic estimate and a pie in the sky risky endeavor.

Change Notices

Manage changes in scope or requirements after your projects have reached a baseline signed off on by the client.