Delivering invoices from 0 to 60
Projects are the core of your business and the backbone of AxiomWorx

Create a rate index of billing rules and costs for each contract, client, or project.

Generate invoices easily from all project costs, plus calculated overhead. Have your project managers review and approve invoices before they are sent to clients.

Apply discounts across multiple rate indexes to decrease costs temporarily without changing your billing rules.


Maintain a pay period schedule for all employee and contractor resources. Eliminate changes to timesheets post invoicing.

Capture all costs incurred by the project and mark-up at invoicing automatically using the rate indexes. Approve all expenses first, decreasing time spent reviewing and approving invoices.

Rate Indexes & Discounts
Match your project billing to your contract demands and create flexible rate structures for reconciling hourly costs, mark-ups and disbursements. Target the rate indexes by project, client or type of work. Automatic discounts can be implemented for temporary or perpetual breaks.

Generate hundreds of invoices for your entire project portfolio within minutes. Each invoice line item utilizes the rate index applied to the project and corresponds to the work break down structure. Approve the invoices for dispatching to the client, hold or void the costs.