Request quotes, purchase and expedite your projects goods and services
Projects are the core of your business and the backbone of AxiomWorx

Create bids and requests for quotes. Awarding your purchase order to the best supplier.

Track your purchases against capital budget. Cost control a project(s) to eliminate over-run.

Trace your parts on order, from delivery to inventory.


Set your standard for commercial terms, technical evaluation and delivery so that when you have awarded the contract you can be certain you have covered the bases.

Request For Quotation (RFQ)
A RFQ sets the foundation of your relationship for the procurement cycle. The technical details, commercial terms are reviewed and awarded based upon the outcome of a bid tab assessment. Supplier lists and the appropriate contacts are selected for tender. Once awarded, RFQ's can transfer immediately into a purchase order with the click of a button.

Purchase Orders
Know your outstanding capital balance immediately across all project reports by tying what you buy to what deliverables you produce. Manage your costs and track progress payments with ease.

Once the purchase order is active, your expediting team can begin the process of monitoring the progress and delivery of the purchase order content. Manage the status, comments, promise dates, quantities received, damaged, over, etc. within the expediting module.