Dashboard Access

Review your project KPI's from almost every angle. Evaluate your risks and take action. This is the real differentiator between project reporting vs project control. Do you have the ability to mitigate your risk by taking action, or are you always behind the eight ball waiting for data to come in from the various sources. Don't sit in the passenger seat of your own car any longer.

Query Your Data in real time

There is always a need to analyse your data in a variation of ways. Axiom provides both template reports, and large data exports at almost every point of contact by the user. For those of you whom are excel geniuses we are excited for to provide you with the data to spin or pivot in any which way you like. 

Daily snapshots and historical archives

AxiomWorx provides near real time reporting. To provide for a moment of sanity to our project controls experts we must provide a stable consistent dataset that will not shift underneath them while reporting. The solution detects any change to a project and initiates for an automated snapshot to occur once daily. This automation plan is configured to the clients needs. However, for when you need your data now we have got you covered. Any member of the project team can invoke a snapshot process to get your data to the moment. This allows our users to manage how they consume the data. For those whom would like to track an archive of each reporting cycle we allow the project team the ability to capture and store the data which they may have altered or reported to a client on for historical accounts. This takes seconds and can be preserved as long as required.


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