Task assignments

There are many project management tools available to you, however you have to ask yourself what is more important to you?

Are you content with reporting on a project's progress, or do you want to have the ability to control a project?

Project management starts with building your project budgets and timelines. This should be a collaborative process between the management team and your discipline leads. Axiom draws upon the strength of your organization structure. Your discipline leads once engaged should have participated in setting realistic budgets and timelines. Once that process has been approved Axiom encourages your company to empower your leads to utilize their teams to craft deliverable assignments to ensure a successful delivery.

The Axiom solution enforces effective delegation within your organization. Your resources are assigned time based upon their skillset and availability. Project budgets are protected from costly hour overruns. Resource timesheets are capped to the time assigned, this expedites communication between executers and managers.

As with all things in life there are options made available through the axiom interface to both the management and discipline leads that accommodate situations that are simply require a user intervention in order to complete tasks that fall outside of “normal” conditions.


Budgets are built using the knowledge we have at the moment. Projects however do not generally proceed exactly to plan. There are circumstances where we have not planned quite enough time and others where we have left ourselves short. Redistributions cannot add or remove scope to a project. A redistribution must have a net value of 0. The redistribution is also prevented from influencing the parent deliverable schedule. Within the task assignment control we can quickly re-assign budgets from one deliverable to another. These changes are tracked within the change management module at every step. Immediately the management can make quick adjustments in order to accommodate the life cycle of the project without the need to raise a formal change notice.
There are times where you need to just stop a task in flight to regroup. A retraction allows you to pull all unused hours from user timesheets and return them to the task. The scope can either occur at the individual resource level, or the deliverable as a whole. This option allows the management team or discipline team to pull in all available time from the current assignments to re-organize or perhaps make the excess time available for a redistribution.
A deliverable acts just like a mini-project. It is equally import to provide the current performance, cost and historical activities to all management participants. Discipline leads need to be informed to the degree to which they have been entrusted. Task Management within Axiom provides those responsible for assigning time the tools to make intelligent decisions that will protect the project. Transparency to the associated cost of a deliverable budget, and how it should effectively be managed are made available. Many companies will quote their budgets based upon a 'blended' rate. A blended rate takes into consideration the experience of your resources. Particularly with deliverable assignments when a 'blended' rate is used it is important that the ratio of junior to senior talent is considered. Axiom provides a desired seniority disposition that your management team can use as a guide.