Traditionally many companies have separate data stores for project management, payroll, and end user timesheets.

With AxiomWorx the timesheet becomes the main point of data entry.  Once a user fills out his or her timesheet, you can then derive payroll information and progress your projects while only having the data entered once.


We all recognize that even today resources may not be able to access their timesheets. The Timesheet Keeper allows specific groups, departments, or specific users with the ability to modify and complete timesheets on a users behalf.
Each resource set up within your company can access their own timesheet to add the specific tasks they have been assigned to the timesheet. Each users selects only what they work on now so their timesheet does not become so cluttered that it makes it a onerous job to compete. Carry forward your last period timesheet tasks to save time.
If the corporate decision is to allow expenses to be submitted with the timesheet this is your option. Users can submit their expenses along with their time for approval by their direct report (or proxy). Once approved these billable charges slide seamlessly to your invoices.
This option is perfect for the construction or maintenance operations where the supervisor is required to fill in their teams hours and expenses. The crew timesheet reads just like a traditional with the exception that the crew can be pre-loaded. The supervisor can add a new resource type in the field. Equipment, Materials and Time can be tracked in one place.