Identifying the hazards in your business is an essential part of any company desiring to be part of a nationally recognized safety program. However it is all to common to find that this is being tracked within some excel sheet buried behind a layer of folders on some shared drive. The process of tracking users credentials and monitoring the expiry of the credentials can be managed systematically and easily with the AxiomWorx solution. Know when you need to reschedule refresher courses for your resources. Ensure that when field work is required your staff have all the required credentials to participate safely and according to any conditions stipulated.

Should an incident happen it is equally important to record the event and take the necessary actions in order to mitigate or prevent a similar occurrence. This contributes to an ongoing safe work counter for all domains within your solution. Run reports and audits on your history to ensure that your company is making steps to become an environment your resources feel safe in.

When you resources need to use special equipment to ensure your safety be confident in the knowledge that it has been audited in the solution. Should the use of the equipment be reimbursable costs will be calculated according to the project contract and captured in the next billing cycle. The auditing of usage for your equipment provides you with the maintenance plan required for each unique item.